Bio Sculpture Gel is a super permanent colour gel curing under LED light, leacing nails strong and flexible. The high glossy finish (lasting up to three weeks) toughens and conditions your natural nails whilst the flexible gel coating moves with the nail protecting and allowing nails to grow and strengthen without breaking. No primerrs or bonders are required before application so there is no dehydration of the nail. A long wearing, chip-proof gel that is soaked of easily with no damage to the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong.


Nail extensions using the sculpture forms look and feel just like real nails. They're light, thinner and do not show any signs of artificial enhancement.


Bio Sculpture Gel


Bio Sculpture Overlay (clear/colour)


Bio Sculpture Extension glue on tips



Bio Sculpture Extension Single glue on tips

Bio Sculpture Extension Sculptured form (clear/colour) £45
Bio Sculptured Extension Single Sculptured form £7
Bio Sculpture Infill £30
Bio Sculpture French Look £5
Bio Sculpture Matching Polish to take home


Bio Sculpture removal with new application £5
Bio Sculpture removal with clear polish manicure £15
Bio Sculpture removal with Essie/OPI/Vinylux manicure £20



Bio Sculpture nail biters is an excellent treatment for nail biters. The gel makes nail beautiful, flexible and strong and even soaks off easily without excessive buffing or nail damage. Nails receive vitamin dose and executive base treatment adding essential Keratin to the nail plate to encourage healthy strong nails to grow.


Bio Sculpture Nail Biter


Bio Sculpture Extension Sculptured Nail Biters Natural Look


Bio Sculpture Extension Sculptured Nail Biters with colour £55

Extra Treats

Paraffin Wax Treat

If you need some deep heat therapy for hands or feet, soak them first and have them scrubbed then immerse them in wondrous electric mittens to absorb much needed moisture.

Perfect for winter blues.

Available in Tea Tree, Peach, Original or Aloe Vera.


Paraffin Wax Treat for Hands £12


Paraffin Wax Treat for Feet £17

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